2018 Kia Stinger vs Infinity Q50

2018 Kia Stinger in Warrington PA

Owning a production car that functions as a high-performance race car is a dream many car enthusiasts have. They simply want the thrill of driving on a high-speed track. But, these speedy cars must have both the sporty handling combined with a comfortable interior for daily driving. Here, we have two production cars that fit the model for offering comfort to the daily driver yet invite the thrill of acceleration to our enthusiasts.

Our list of production performance cars is short, so it was easy to choose the 2018 Infinity Q50 for our comparison. The Q50 carries a 3.0t engine, which delivers similar performance to the 2018 Stinger. It also comes with a lot of standard features at a reasonable price. Drivers looking at the Q50 have a choice between the Luxe or Sport trim packages, which really depends on their driving style and desire for features. Keep in mind, the Luxe offer slightly more options, but those options are bundled in the larger more expensive packages. Enough chat, let measure these two performance cars side-by-side!





Passengers 4/5

255 @ 6200

Horsepower 208 @ 5500

22 miles per gallon

City MPG (higher is better)

23 miles per gallon

8-Speed Automatic

Transmission 7-Speed Automatic


Leather seats

Not available

Driver and front passenger

Base model heated seats

Not available

Luxury Sports Sedan or Vintage Remake.

Although the Q50 has great performance, and plenty of high-end features, it has trouble competing against the Kia Stinger. For example, the Q50's interior design is the same basic design used four years ago, so it feels vintage compared to the modern Stinger. Also, the Q50 does provide a nice ride, but if you're looking for power, the Q50's turbocharged V6 engine lags behind the 2018 Stinger. So, you may be thrilled each time you step on the pedal of the Q50, you won’t be exhilarated as when you step on the pedal in the Stinger.

Overall, the 2018 Infiniti Q50 is not as polished as the Stinger, it has been a popular and stylish alternative to lower rivals. Engine options, for both Kia and Infiniti, focus on performance and fuel efficiency. And, both have a premium package that out-performs their lower options. But that’s not the only measurement, we also look at the interior.

The 2018 Kia Stinger’s luxuriously-furnished interior includes 5 full seats and 60-40 folding split rear seats, 4-door access, fastback design, and heated front seats. Looking past the standard features offered in both cars, they each have a body style validating their speed. But those features don’t help demonstrate the Stinger was designed to be in your daily life as much as it can be on the track.

As much as we’d like to compare technology in both vehicles, we are embarrassed by the lack of techie options in the Q50. The Q50 has dual touchscreens, which are cumbersome, but most users find the menus to be instinctive. If there were a CPU speed measurement, the inputs are responsive, and regular updates to the Infiniti InTouch system keep it stable.

All-in-all, we find the Q50 does not compare in many areas Kia customers focus on. If you’d like more information on the 2018 Kia Stinger or wish to schedule a test drive, contact us today!


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