Warrington Kia Service Tips: Tire Pressure Setting

In this article, our Kia Service specialists describe your tire pressure setting. We at Gateway Kia of Quakertown understand how details to operating new features and technologies can be overwhelming. Accordingly, Kia dealers collectively strive to educate customers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Please be sure to ask your Kia representative to explain the importance of your tire pressure setting during your perfect Kia delivery.

Most customers are concerned about tire pressure because they don’t want a flat tire. Yet, they never know the optimum setting because tires don’t require daily upkeep. However, keep in mind how important it is to set tire pressures correctly to ensure the best overall driving experience. Tire pressures set above the recommended settings can negatively impact ride comfort. Low tire pressure can cause the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) warning lamp to illuminate.

For your convenience, Kia installs a Tire Pressure placard on the inside of every door jamp (sample below). The placard provides the vehicle owner easy access to proper inflation rates. We advise checking your tire pressure from time to time and use the installed placard for proper pressure rates.

Prior to taking delivery of your new Kia, we suggest you ask your Quakertown Kia Service specialist to check your pressure rates. Something we want you to understand is part of every dealer inventory storage process, the tire pressure is set much higher than the rates on the placard. This additional pressure prevents tire flat-spotting while the vehicle is stored in dealer inventory.

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