Warrington Kia Service Tips: Center Seat Belt Operation

Nothing is more frustrating to a passenger than being confronted with the mysterious center seat belt operation. Most people seated in the center of the 2nd- and 3rd-row seats, don’t know how to buckle the center seat belt. Truth be told, it takes me at least 5 minutes to figure it out because every vehicle is manufactured differently.

The normal process is, after searching around for a minute or two, either in the crease of the seat or overhead, your passenger usually can find one end of the belt but not that mysterious connecting end. Before you can help them, they usually opt to ride without a belt. This is not acceptable because Kia believes that you, and your passengers, should have easy access to the same level of safety at all times.

To help reduce frustrations, Kia produced a short video to help you understand where and how that mysterious part of the center seat belt works.

  • Watch the video below to understand the 2nd and 3rd Row Center Shoulder Seat Belt Operation in your Kia Sportage, Soul, Sedona and new 2020 Telluride.



  1. If Seat Belt is buckled, press the release button on the buckle.
  2. To retract the center seat belt webbing “A” in 2nd and/or 3rd rows, use the lap belt tongue plate “C” to push “release button” in the small slot on the center belt buckle “B.”

Our Gateway Kia in Warrington PA service experts recommends engaging the center seat belt on yourself. The experience will add to your knowledge and enable you to help your passengers in and out of the operation.

As with all features, Kia recommends you engage your vehicle features with a Gateway Kia in Warrington PA sales representative. Your Warrington representative is trained to help you operate and help you understand all the features in your Kia. Gateway Kia in Warrington PA successfully employs the “Kia Perfect Delivery Process” to ensure you receive an excellent customer experience.

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