Warrington Kia Service Tips: Windshield Cleaning

In this article, our Kia Service specialists describe Windshield Cleaning. We at Gateway Kia of Warrington understand how details to operating new features and technologies can be overwhelming. Accordingly, Kia dealers collectively strive to educate customers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Please be sure to ask your Kia representative to explain the importance of Windshield Cleaning during your perfect Kia delivery.

Kia’s Executive Director of Product Quality says most people don’t know the importance of Windshield Cleaning. A vehicle’s interior creates an ideal atmosphere for film build-up on the inside of windows. And, it’s because the evaporation of materials (used in the manufacturing of various plastic and vinyl interior components) contributes to quicker film build-up.

That phenomenon is known as “out-gassing” and is common to all new vehicles; it’s also what gives a new vehicle that “new-car” smell. As the vehicle ages, the outgassing will diminish. During cooler weather, the film on windows impairs the effectiveness of the defroster.

Regular window cleaning is recommended to help the defroster clear up the condensation faster so you can see better. Part of Gateway Kia Warrington’s delivery preparation is the special attention to cleaning all glass (windshield, side, and rear windows, etc.) and mirrors (rearview and side) right before you take your new car home. Be sure to visit your Warrington Kia Service Department and inquire about glass cleaners for your vehicle.

Kia suggests using a good quality Glass Cleaner – (Part Number: UM040-CH006) and a Micro Fiber Cloth to effectively remove the film from the interior window surfaces. You’ll see a noticeable difference!

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