Warrington Kia Service Tips: Smart Trunk Feature

In this article, our Warrington Kia Service specialists describe the Smart Trunk feature. We at Gateway Kia of Warrington understand how details to operating new features and technologies can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Accordingly, Kia dealers collectively strive to educate customers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Please be sure to ask your Kia representative to demonstrate the Smart Trunk feature during your perfect Kia delivery.

Your understanding of the Smart Trunk feature improves your overall Kia experience. In fact, the Kia Smart Key incorporates many convenient features which can improve access and start of the vehicle. A full explanation of this feature can “surprise and delight” when learning how to navigate your Kia vehicle. Watch the video below for additional information.

Maximizing the Smart Trunk feature:

  • This feature can be activated in the instrument cluster settings menu (default setting from the factory is OFF).
  • To enable the Smart Trunk, go to User Settings in the LCD Instrument Cluster modes.
  • When the Smart Key fob is in your possession and you are near the back of the vehicle, within close proximity, the hazard lights will blink and a chime will sound for about 3 seconds as an alert that the Smart Trunk is about to open.
  • Then the alert system will blink and chime two additional times before opening the Trunk. Once you are finished, simply close the rear trunk and it will lock automatically when you walk away.


The Smart Trunk feature will not operate:

  • If doors are recently closed and locked upon exiting the vehicle.
  • The Smart Key will be detected for 15 seconds within close proximity of the door handles (60 inches)
  • When a door is not locked or closed
  • When the Smart Key is in the vehicle

For additional information on the Smart Trunk operation, please refer to your vehicle Owner’s Manual.

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