Warrington Kia Service Tips: Navigation Using Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze

Vehicle manufacturers today add more features such as Apple Maps to capture your attention and business. One of the most sought after features was onboard navigation, but now customers want Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These software options allow motorists to connect their mobile devices and operate specific installed apps. Kia recognized this need and immediately made Android Auto and Apple CarPlay part of its family of advanced technologies.

Access to these options can be found in vehicles equipped with UVO Play, UVO E-services, UVO Eco and UVO Link. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, customers now have access to their Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze app features.

Those vehicles equipped with UVO Link with Navigation, UVO Eco with Navigation and UVO E-Services with Navigation cannot use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but have access to Kia’s factory-installed navigation system.

UVO PlayUVO LinkUVO Link w/ NavigationUVO EcoUVO Eco w/ NavigationUVO E-ServicesUVO-Eservices w/ Navigation
Android AutoXXXXXXX
On-Board NavigationXXX

Connecting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Making the connection between your mobile phone and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is simple. All you need to do is follow the required steps. If you like doing things yourself, we’ve included videos below to guide you through the process. The alternative is you ask your Kia Warrington PA sales or service representative to make the connection for you.

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

Entering an address or destination in navigation while driving

Depending on the model vehicle and phone, you may only be able to give voice commands for entering a destination. Before accessing your device or UVO settings, we suggest you first press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel. This enables the vehicle’s voice commands so you can enter a destination while in motion.

This is applicable for the onboard navigation system, Apple CarPlay with Apple maps, Android Auto with Google Maps, and Waze.

We stress enabling and using your hands-free voice command feature with navigation. If you don’t have voice recognition, we highly advise pulling over and stopping in a safe area, such as a parking lot or rest stop, and manually input the address information.

There are exceptions, that is, if the steering-wheel voice recognition button does not work with your desired mobile app. If this is the case, we suggest trying the in-app microphone button.

Need additional instruction on setting up the factory navigation system? You can watch UVO Link/UVO Eco/UVO eServices with Navigation (AVN 5.0) for all models except for K900 and Rio.

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