Kia Vehicles with Apple CarPlay

In 2016 Kia Motors announced it would introduce Apple CarPlay by offering the technology in a few models. After we posted a blog announcing the release, people began searching “Kia Gateway Warrington PA” to find those vehicles installed with Apple CarPlay. Today, the technology comes standard in Kia’s entire lineup.

Our reports show that Kia vehicles having Apple CarPlay enabled are the majority. Granted, Kia installs the Android Auto counterpart to CarPlay, which is accessible with a simple touch on the main display. That’s not to say Apple is more popular nationally, our reports only target our region.

Apple CarPlay: The Benefits

Common to all customers after hearing about the connection technology is “What are the benefits of Apple CarPlay?” Well, in the past it was simply thought Apple CarPlay provides a smarter and more convenient way to use the iPhone, but today, we know Apple CarPlay connects a user directly to his/her digital life. Access to music, Siri, Maps, apps, etc. are not only at your finger-tips through the touch-screen, but also, accessible via voice commands. So, the refined plug-n-play technology you get today far exceeds what was offered in 2016.

One way the technology advanced is the ease in connecting your iPhone to the Kia system. It’s done by connecting the iPhone into the vehicle’s USB port. From there, you are able to make phone calls, access music send and receive messages. You can even get directions optimized for traffic conditions while keeping your attention on the road. Apple CarPlay features hands-free support via Siri Voice Control or the vehicle’s controls and touchscreen.

To give you an example of how easy it is to connect, watch this 3-minute Getting Started video.

To learn more about Apple CarPlay or other technologies available in new Kia vehicles, or if you want to see the technology live, simply call ahead and we will schedule a test drive here in the Philadelphia, PA area at Gateway Kia of Warrington. Whether you choose to call or visit, we are here to help.

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